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Kumbhalgarh Maharana Pratap Marg, Adjacent to Lakhela Lake, Rajasthan


Our restaurant offers the best of global cuisines prepared by highly qualified chefs with years of experience. The pristine ambience and feel of the restaurant will make you feel refreshed and ready to have a sumptuous meal to enjoy your holidays
Enjoy the best dishes with great tastes

One of a kind luxury resort  Restaurant where meals are prepared using produce from the organic farms so that you can cherish the purity and taste of your meal!

The menu of PROMENADE reflects the appropriate proposition of health and wellness. It must be mentioned that the focus of the chef is in ensuring the quality and freshness of ingredients. Naturally, every preparation that comes out of the kitchen makes a statement of modern simplicity and creative presentations. We serve both continental and Indian food with a mouth-watering healthy menu with the policy of freshly cooked food, with a little oil and ghee as possible, promoting a regime of wellness without being evangelical about it.

Walk into the all-day dining restaurant that overlooks the courtyard, the lush green garden, the main swimming pool and the beautiful fountains for the most expansive breakfasts, rejuvenating lunches and flavorsome dinners. The elegant settings of the restaurant interiors, with authentic Indian marble with striking vaulted ceilings, represent a unique style and have been specially designed to match the serenity of the view outside. Romanticize your meals and dine in our the garden area and by the swimming pool.


Enjoy your stay in our resort while enjoying lip-smacking coffee at our Coffee Shop, which also serves delightful beverages and snacks. Perfect for an evening out with friends or colleagues, this coffee shop is where you can relax and enjoy a light meal while you sip onto your aromatic coffee. The cafe is decorated with state-of-the-art interiors, giving it a youthful and pleasant vibe.

We provide excellent services for you
Gym & Fitness

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We are a Pure Veg Hotel